Lightly moving through the workday

Sit less, get up more often, and move for better health and well-being

Who does it?

Would you like to bring more dynamism into your team's everyday work? Or are you a health manager or executive looking for an evidence-based, free, and easy-to-implement
health promotion measure?

Our layman understandable program supports and accompanies motivated office workers to independently and qualitatively implement a movement program in their own team.


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Sit still less, work more energetically

A free health promotion program for people with desk-based work (suitable for home office and office work).

Inclusion is important to us. Our program is also suitable for people with movement restrictions and disabilities. We therefore mostly use the term "sitting still" instead of "sitting" to express the motionless persistence in the same body position, which results in reduced energy demand. However, movement is more than just "standing up" and "walking", but also includes, for example, activating movement exercises performed while sitting, as well as physically active locomotion in a wheelchair. In general, our recommendation is to move more in everyday working life according to one's possibilities and to do this in a way that feels good for the individual.

Convince yourself of the positive effects of a workday in light movement. Our program supports you in changing your current routines for agile-dynamic work because movement in the body also brings movement in the mind.

Promote health.

Prolonged, uninterrupted sitting still increases the risk of many chronic diseases. Even by
engaging in light physical activity daily, you can achieve health gains with little effort and no
annoying sweating.

Stay productive.

More movement at work has no negative impact on your productivity. More movement can
even inspire creativity and lead to new, innovative ideas.

Measure successes.

Standardized surveys allow you to see, visualize, and celebrate your team's successes.

Simple and free

The Leicht Bewegt program is free of charge and easy for laypersons to understand. In addition to extensive and multimedia information materials, you receive instructions that support you step by step in the implementation.

Here’s what participants say.

"Leicht bewegt has already had a lot of positive effects for us at the ZI. I see more and more colleagues standing up instead of sitting down in meetings, and I notice that this motivates me and others to stand up as well. A small health-promoting impulse like this can make a big difference in the corporate culture and lead to more movement in everyday (work) life."

(Tina Tober, ZI Mannheim)

"We conducted the "leicht bewegt" program at the DKFZ as part of a scientific study, resulting in two master's theses that showed that the intervention carried out was able to significantly reduce the sitting times of the participants. At the same time, we found that "leicht bewegt" addresses a major need among employees - namely, the need for creative
ways to practically integrate movement into everyday work with small changes, thereby reducing daily sitting time. We are now in the process of making the offer more permanent
in the company so that we can continue to motivate our employees to work more actively and support them in doing so."

(Gabriele Schulze-König, Koordinatorin für Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement, Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum)

"Great support through PowerPoints, great write-up of data."
Understandable, easy, uncomplicated
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For both large and small organizations

Everything is easier in a team!

No matter how small or large your organization is and whether your employees work in an office or home office: The Leicht Bewegt program offers solutions for everyone who mainly works at a desk.

In the Leicht Bewegt program, you work together as a team to make positive changes to your physical activity behavior and support each other in achieving your common goals. This strengthens motivation and a sense of community.

Invest in the health and well-being of your employees and integrate the Leicht Bewegt program into your organization.

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